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Architecture Visualization Resources

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“180 Pointe Mecox” Image by The Craft features use of MAXTREE and ForestPack.

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Also… Already confirmed to offer great deals are: Maxtree, AXYZ Design, Exlevel, Corona Renderer, Friendly Shade, VIZPARK, Laubwerk, VIShopper, MR CutOut, the Construct, Skatter, FlexTools, Triangle Form, model+model and more in the final confirmation process.

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The Partners

Partners in PINK offer special pricing! Could be a new product release or discount for example…

I’m very happy to feature so many partners operating in the architectural visualization industry with software, content and training I use myself and in my studio.

Clicking on the tiles will take you to the relevant partner further down the page. When there is a special price, the logo will be PINK!

The Themes
For your convenience, and based on past surveys, I’ve organized the resources into topical themes for contextual and easy browsing and shopping.
This resource website becomes the go-to site all year round for architectural visualization & rendering resources with special actions during Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Blog Birthday, Spring Sale and special updates and releases by the partners!
Landscape & Vegetation
The GREEN theme! All that you need to scatter great looking trees and plants in your scenes, as well as in post-production, with cut-out trees, if you so choose.
2d & 3d People
Add people easily to your images and animations using ANIMA and 3d people from AXYZ Design. More partners will cover your 2d people cut-out needs.
3d Models & Modeling
Each project calls for lots of items and modeling it all from scratch might be too much. You’ll find here 3d models of everything and tools for parametric 3d modeling.
Textures & Materials
Get textures and pre-made materials as well as creation tools from leading partners in our industry.
HDRI & Lighting
Put things in a great light using HDRI 360 skies from leading partners such a PG SKIES and many more.
Rendering and VR / Realtime
Grab render engines and VR creation and sharing tools to showcase your work better, in real-time too.


Level up by learning from the best! Explore various courses about how to use software and techniques.

Landscape & Vegetation

All the things you need to populate your scenes with great looking trees and plants. You’ll find here 3d models of vegetation, 2d cut-outs, scattering plugins, textures and more.

“The Lake” – Thomas Vournazos, Slashcube. Featuring Laubwerk Plants Kit 13.


The newest version of our Laubwerk Plants Kits product line features exclusive updates and improvements for our Autodesk users. Download the latest free update from our website and enjoy the improvements!

Highlights of the Plant Kit 1.0.30 update include exclusive improvements for our Autodesk users:

  • Cinema 4D: Added R21 support, improved material specular component for most renderers
  • SketchUp: Improved material specular component for V-Ray, fixed a bug that caused SketchUp to crash when rendering models containing plants removed from the user’s plant library
  • 3ds Max: Improved material specular component for most renderers
  • Maya: Improved material specular component for most renderers.

Stand by for the Black Friday discounts…

    “101 Erica’s Lane House” – Artwork by The Craft, using SketchUp, 3ds Max, Corona Renderer, and Laubwerk Plants Kits.

    Laubwerk’s 3D foliage assets are some of our favorites. The smart asset type and the plugin to use it is a powerful one! Less intensive on viewport performance, while allowing for fast variations, seasonal control, and level of detail for far-away trees and shrubs. For us, the fact we can use the same assets inside SketchUp is a BIG PLUS!

    Ronen Bekerman / Co-Founder & General Manager, The Craft.

    iToo Software

    IToo Software, founded in 1999 in Spain, is a 3D software developing company, and creators of Forest Pack and Rail Clone, plugins for Autodesk® 3DS Max® and 3DS Max Design®. Thier main objective is customer satisfaction and providing high-quality software with personalized support which I’m very happy to say they do!

    Forest Pack

    Forest Pack is the world’s most popular scattering plugin for 3ds Max®. It provides a complete solution for creating vast areas of objects, from trees and plants to buildings, crowds, aggregates, ground-cover, rocks and more. If you can model it, Forest Pack can scatter it.

    The3dGarden Collections

    The3dGarden is an exclusive range of high-quality tree and foliage models that are only available from iToo Software.

    All the collections are designed to be fully integrated with Forest Pack. After installation, assets are immediately available in the Forest Pack library manager with materials for V-Ray and Corona Renderer to make quickly populating your scenes as easy as possible.

    3dmentor Trees & Plants

    3dmentor offers one of the most extensive 3d vegetation catalogs. Crafted with GrowFX by Konstantin Kim, you’ll find trees of all kinds, shrubs, flowers, grass and more.


    Save 40% on all VIZPARK bundles. Get trees, shrubs, grass, flowers, boulders and scanned grounds to make the next landscape you build perfect! Visit VIZPARK now or pick one of the items below. The models are provided as single 3D Models, GrowFX versions and as Forest Pack Presets. Now also available for Sketchup.

    Starts NOV 29th.

    Created by Martin Jann from VIZPARK using models from Real Trees I & II, Real Shrubs, Real Grass and Real Flowers. Scene lighting with HDRI Skydome 35. 

    GrowFX by Exlevel

    GrowFX is a Plants Modeling & Animation System for 3ds Max. 50% OFF on any GrowFX licenses with coupon code: RONEN-BF19 during the Black Friday promo.

    Also, the plugin allows customizing any animation, such as the wind effect or the growth of plants from seeds. GrowFX allows implementing any ambitious idea of animated vegetation.!

    Image by Massi San


    Maxtree assets are amongst the most popular in ArchViz these days, with a steady stream of updates – Most recently introducing the Cactus & Bamboo collections!

    Get trees, grass, flowers, and shrubs to make the next landscape you build perfectly! The models are provided as single 3D Models, GrowFX versions and as Forest Pack Presets.

    Volumes 36 & 37 are out and 25% OFF until November 20!

    Image by MAXTREE

    Skatter for SketchUp

    Skatter is the most powerful scattering extension for SketchUp. Render huge amounts of vegetation, quickly populate city blocks, create parametric assemblies, crowds, carpets, grass, you name it… all right inside SketchUp!

    Image by David Santos


    Make your visualizations come to life with Polyget high quality animated foliage. Realistic plants, animated & with photo scanned textures. 10+ species with 80+ variations in High and low poly counts. GrowFX files included.

    2d & 3d People

    Never easy to add to stills and animation, but sure takes it to the next level when done right. Here you’ll find 3d & 2d assets as well as plugins to manage them all.

    AXYZ Design ANIMA & 3d People Assets

    ANIMA 3.0 Population Tool for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Unreal Engine. Anima is the fastest stand-alone character population and animation application developed specifically for 3d artists, architects, and designers. Create stunning renders and 3d animation populated with realistic 3d people in less time.

    Image by AXYZ Design

    2d Cut Out People by MrCutOut

    You’ll find thousands of professional, high-resolution, 100% legal cutouts of people, vegetation, and vehicles on MrCutOut. Finish your image in post-production in minutes.


    The ultimate quality of cut out people and 3D Models. Source of solutions for every Arch-Viz designer.

    Image by Viz People.

    2d Cut Out People by VIShopper

    A great selection of cut out 2d to populate your still images in post-production. You can also find 2d trees and 2d trees and plants on VIShopper.

    Animals Collection 1 FREE : The Animal Collection 1 includes altogether 21 files with diffferent cut out animals. The selection includes 7 dogs, 5 cats, 2 swans, 6 doves, 3 seagulls, 14 geese, 2 lambs and 2 goats, plus 1 fish.

    Image by PRIZM featuring VIShopper assets.

    Animals Collection 1 FREE

    Animals Collection 1 FREE : The Animal Collection 1 includes altogether 21 files with diffferent cut out animals. The selection includes 7 dogs, 5 cats, 2 swans, 6 doves, 3 seagulls, 14 geese, 2 lambs and 2 goats, plus 1 fish.

    3d Models & Modeling

    Each project calls for lots of items and modeling it all from scratch might be too much. You’ll find here 3d models of furniture, lighting fixtures and other important equipment.


    RailClone is the world’s most powerful artist-friendly parametric modeling plugin for 3ds Max®. Its unique array-based approach to asset creation is fast, efficient, and easy-to-learn. RailClone is unlike other parametric tools. Create objects by distributing and manipulating geometry created using standard modeling techniques – if you can model in Max, you can create procedural objects with RailClone.


    model+model are offering 3d models for architectural visualization for a long time now, keeping high-quality levels and attention to detail. You should also check out their Bookmanager and ReDeform scripts for 3dsmax! 

    model+model Vol.11 Kitchen Elements released on May 13th, 2019.

    High-quality 3d models for your kitchen scenes. Contains more than 230 models of cabinet handles, kitchen cabinets, sinks, taps and soap dispensers arranged in 20 sets. Ready to use with 3ds Max and Cinema4D. V-Ray and Corona Renderer on both. 

    The Boundary Store – New Releases!

    Learn The Boundary workflow with complete scenes, models, textures & lighting/camera setups and develop skills which will push The Boundary of your 3D capabilities.

    model+model Vol.11 Kitchen Elements released on May 13th, 2019.

    Image by Joana Maduro @ The Boundary.

    3d Collections by EVERMOTION

    EVERMOTION has been there since before I got started with Architectural Visualization and they keep providing an enormous amount of assets you can use in your daily work. Furniture, Lights, Trees, Shrubs, Cars, Equipment and full interior and exterior scenes!


    Image by Evermotion.


    CGAxis is your definitive resource of photorealistic high-quality 3D models, textures and HDRI maps. Plants, furniture, architecture, electronics, food, decorations and many more. Instantly downloadable 24/7.

    Triangle Form

    Triangle Form store’s goal is to provide high quality products that will make job of 3D graphic artists, designers and architects more comfortable. All models are compatible with programs such as: 3ds max, Cinema 4d, V-Ray, Corona Renderer. Formats .obj and .fbx facilitate importing 3D models from other programs. The collections consist of 21 high-quality models. Due to a relatively small number of models in the collection, they are of the highest quality.

    Image by Tomek Michalski


    AFFORDABLE HIGH-QUALITY 3D MODELS Customizable 3D models ready to be used in your CG projects.

    Image by CGIFANS

    Textures & Materials

    Probably the most important aspect to get photoreal results for your renders. I have gathered here assets and plugins that will help you up your game. Reuse them, tweak them, create your own.

    “Hide In Rock” Image by Ewelina Lekka.

    Quixel for ArchViz

    For businesses specializing primarily in architectural visualization.

    On DEC 6th, 2018, Quixel has unveiled the ArchViz Program as more and more artists in ArchViz have started using Megascans extensively over the past year. They now finally introduce a license made just for ArchViz, developed in close collaboration with yours truly. It allows you to work on an unlimited amount of projects per year, and the entire Megascans library has been meticulously curated and trimmed to be as relevant as possible. Read more about the new plan and grab your license by clicking the button below.

    “As early adopters of Megascans it has long been our go-to resource for all natural landscaping needs in a full CG environment. With this already extremely comprehensive library increasing in size and diversity to cover almost all conceivable areas in both natural and man-made environments it has now become an invaluable tool across all types of project employed daily in The Boundary workflow.”

    Henry Goss RIBA / Director, THE BOUNDARY.

    Best of Week Image “Hunter House” by The Boundary

    “Hunter House” – Best of Week 10/2018 by The Boundary features use of Megascans as well as RD-TEXTURES.

    Real Displacement Textures

    Real Displacement Textures – COLLECTION SEVEN NOW AVAILABLE ! Including 63 assets: 6x FORESTFLOOR + 1x CLAY (overlay-texture with alpha) / 12x BARKS / 2x WOOD 12x WOODLOGS (for scattering and dynamic animations) / 30x LEAVES (textures +objects) …the perfect set for your creation…

    Textures & Plugins by VIZPARK

    All Walls Bundle is a bundle of 75 highly detailed brick wall and stone floor textures for architectural visualization. Each of the 75 texture sets includes multi-textures with several single brick / stone variations with diffuse, bump, displacement, reflection and alpha-mask layers, plus 4k tileable textures for us in any 3D application. VIZPARK has more textures to offer besides this!

    Image by Daniel Reuterswaerd, using Omni Tiles.

    Friendly Shade Scanned Materials

    We’re changing the way artists are creating new worlds. Friendly Shade always strives for the best quality and, this time Bundle 02 raises the bar even higher!

    Included materials as bonus content for V-Ray, Corona Renderer, and FStorm for a limited time!

    Bundle 02 is out! 50% OFF using the code BLACKFRIDAY

    Bundle 01 & Fabric 01

    Two great bundles to choose from!


    All the hard work you do means nothing if the lighting is wrong! Get the best HDRI’s from the most popular providers in the market.

    PG SKIES by Peter Guthrie

    The GOLD STANDARD of HDRI’s for Architectural Visualization by Peter Guthrie. A growing collection of 360 degrees panoramic high dynamic range (HDR) sky maps for use in all types of CG rendering. Carefully selected to be useful as well as beautiful.

    HDRI Skydomes by VIZPARK

    HDRI Complete is the full collection of all 30 panoramic 360° images in HDR and EXR format to be used as a spherical environment in 3d scenes. The exposure images were taken with a Canon MK5 camera at Berlin-Tempelhof in Germany and London, UK. You can also get the individual packs I, II or III.

    Mediterranean Light

    A superb collection of HDRI sets captured from sunrise to sunset, as well as light and cloud cover curated by the Spanish 3d artist David Brufau.


    The main aspect of architectural visualization, Photorealistic or Not. Get render engines, farm credits, and VR / Real-time tools as well.


    #1 Platform for VR Tours from your renders. Used by studios like The Boundary, Recent Spaces and many more.

    Sample VR tour by The Boundary

    Corona Renderer v4 Released!

    Powerful, intuitive, affordable – Corona Renderer v4 for 3dsmax and Cinema 4D is the high-performance (un)biased photorealistic renderer used by many top ArchViz studios.

    We use Corona Renderer at The Craft

    Corona Renderer is the main render engine at The Craft for the past year plus!

    With less focus on settings in favor or an artist-friendly approach we found ourselves getting back to basics and focusing on what makes an image great.

    See more of what we do on The Craft Behance Page.


    Never stop learning! You can always learn a new skill or improve one.


    Get ready to harness the power of Adobe® Lightroom® and Photoshop® for professional quality photos. From selections to masking to layers, you can sharpen your skills and streamline your post-processing workflow. Now’s the perfect time to reach your full creative potential and grow.

    Learn from award-winning photography veterans across the industry including Dan Brouillette, Lisa Carney, RC Concepcion, Tim Cooper, Dave Cross, Liza Gershman, Mat Hayward, Gregory Heisler, Jason Hoppe, Mike Kelley, Matt Kloskowski, Daniel Kudish, Jared Platt, Khara Plicanic, Simon Raible, Jesús Ramirez, Blake Rudis, Kristina Sherk, Colin Smith, Caroline Tran, and Ben Willmore.


    Fstoppers has some amazing video tutorials by photography proffesionals. Most notable is Mike Kelley’s “Where Art Meets Architecture” Architectural Photography Training collections 1, 2 & 3.

    Topaz Gigapixel AI

    Beautiful photo (or render) enlargements using Machine Learning! Enlarge images without losing detail. Upscaling up to 600% potentially saving time on rendering at high-rez.

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